NovaPlay surfaces are permeable elastic surfaces with a UV resistant and colored appearance. Single of dual NovaPlay surfaces will be used for multipurpose sports surfaces for recreational sports facilities and for schools. With the increased layer thickness of the dual NovaPlay system the surfaces will be used for safety play areas. We have also a whole range of NovaDur®  binders to produce the rubber tiles.

NovaPlay FD is a permeable spike resistant colorful flooring system with point elastic properties. NovaPlay FD is used as outdoor play areas for multi sports courts. NovaPlay FD can be used for all ball plays such as, handball, basketball, volleyball, netball, football and tennis.

NovaPlay Pl is a permeable sandwich type colorful flooring system with point elastic properties very suitable as safety floor for children play areas. By changing the thickness of the base cushion layer we can fulfill all requirements for the critical falling heights 

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