NovaCourt® tennis courts are a full range of both acrylic, low maintenance sports surfaces and PU systems, for indoor and outdoor use. NovaCourt surfaces can be customized in their appearance and playability (speed). Where the NovaCourt Classic®  is a cost effective surface which can turn around your asphalt or concrete area in a colorful sports surface. NovaCourt ACE®  transforms your asphalt or concrete surface in a cushioned tennis or multi play court. The top of the bill is the NovaCourt Pro® , a full cushioned tennis or multi play court.  

The NovaCourt tennis surfaces are either 100% acrylic, or PU tennis court systems which are designed to provide consistent speed of play, texture, and vibrant color to any indoor or outdoor facility. NovaCourt tennis court surfaces are formulated to resist fading and withstand a wide variety of weather conditions from ice and snow to intense heat and ultra-violet rays.

The acrylic and PU based NovaCourt materials are supplied as colored concentrates. The special NovaCourt aggregate comes prepacked from our own factory. On-site the materials are mixed and clean potable water is added prior to the installation. NovaCourt comes in a wide range of standard colors. All NovaCourt surfaces are ITF certified.

NovaCourt Classic is a multi-layered hard court tennis surfaces, which can be applied to the concrete of asphalt foundations. Hardcourt tennis surfaces are the most budget surfaces. NovaCourt Classic tennis courts tend to play medium-fast to fast because there is little energy absorption by the court. The ball tends to bounce high and players are able to apply many types of spin during play. Flat balls are favored on hard courts because of the extremely quick play style.

NovaCourt Ace is a multi-layered tennis court system where a seamless cushioned layer is giving the players more comfort.  Due to the cushion layer, the energy absorption by the court has increased. The ball speed tends to be lower from medium to medium fast. The ball tends to bounce medium-high and players are able to apply many types of spin during play.       

NovaCourt Pro is a fully cushioned tennis court with point elastic properties. It consists of a recycled rubber base layer covered with a superior, elastic wear layer. It fulfills all requirements of the EN 14877:2006 norm for tennis courts.

Outbound Color : Summer Red

Inbound Color : Summer Red

Note: Colors are representations only as screen monitors may not reflect actual color.
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